Compilation thesis or experimental thesis? Choose the right one for you

Compilation thesis or experimental thesis? That is the question! The end of the academic journey ends with a Shakespearean doubt that is not easy to solve, but between the two, what are the differences really?

On my last sweaty exam at the university, I gave myself a liberation ball right outside my teacher’s classroom and went to eat a nice pizza at four in the afternoon. Today I know that at the time I was a very naive girl who could not smell her own bad wolf: her degree thesis. It was a birth that actually lasted nine, long months and with hindsight I would do everything differently today. As an example, I would ask myself this question: theoretical thesis or experimental thesis? First of all, we need to clarify what these two evil terms mean.

The (theoretical) compilation thesis

The theoretical thesis, also called the compilation thesis, sees the student as a secondary character. His job is to rework all the material he has found and studied. Few remember that the compilation thesis is the type that is most suitable for a three-year course, but this does not mean to sweat less or press the “copy / paste” key from wikipedia and then spend even the money for the layout. Search engines know how to use professors as well, so if you have no moral qualms, at least think about how cute it is to be thrown out of a studio for the reception.

The experimental thesis (research)

The experimental thesis, also called the empirical thesis, sees you as worthy protagonists. Behind you will have an important research work and you will not only have to develop a thesis, but also know how to support it and found it on an important basis. As you will have understood, he crowns the masterful work and succeeds in giving, if done well, great satisfactions like the publication.

An even more specific typology of empirical thesis is that which provides for the collection of data through surveys.

Obviously the polls should not be invented or based on a book from a hundred years ago but carried out “in the field”. They are based, to say it in English to be cooler, on the “survey”, and today the site that helps, in the simplest and clearest possible world, young students in difficulty is Surveymonkey.

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